Nullarbor Muster Club

Outback Australia, Rawlinna

Family fun filled weekend "out bush" plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.



ADMISSION:  $50 per adult, 16-18 Years $20, under 16 free.

RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL: LIMITED BYO & GLASS: Whilst BYO is permitted in camping area – vehicles will be inspected and excessive amounts of alcohol will be confiscated at the gate.  Please also avoid bringing glass to the event – cans are a much safer way to go; Strictly no glass or alcohol is to be brought into the licensed area.  It is a condition of entry that patrons consume alcohol responsibly.  Drunken and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated.  The Nullarbor Muster Club reserves the right to and will confiscate alcohol & eskies from intoxicated patrons.

NO FIREARMS ALLOWED: Competition guns are provided for skeet shoot.  Vehicles will be inspected at gate and will refuse entry to those carrying firearms.

SHOWERS AND TOILETS:  Located between the main shed and camping area.  Each end will be closed periodically for cleaning.

POWER: No powered campsites.

BAR: The bar is licensed and requires all patrons to clearly display 18+ wristbands (given with entry payment) or you may be refused service.  Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult in licensed area.  Alcohol must not be removed from licensed area.  Bins are located at exits and all cans are to be deposited here.  NO BYO in licensed area and STRICTLY NO GLASS inside shed or bull arena areas.

FOOD:  Available at the kiosk in the main shed.  All meals are professionally prepared by caterers.

CAMPING:  Designated camping areas are sign posted on the right as you enter grounds.  You may be asked to move if you are not in the designated area or if an area is becoming overcrowded. Please make sure that you allow enough space for any others planning to join your site.  Campfires are allowed, but be aware of the proximity of your neighbours.  Maintain at least 10m clearance from any flammable materials.  Please keep late night noise to a minimum to allow others to sleep.  If you have a generator please turn it off at 10pm.   

RUBBISH: Bags are supplied for use at campsites. 44 Gallon drum Bins are provided.  Place all rubbish in bins prior to leaving the grounds.  If you brought glass to the event – and cannot take it home with you - please dispose of it in bins, not in fires. 

FUEL:  Available for sale on Monday morning only, near the ablutions.

DOGS:  Must remain restrained within your campsite.  Strictly no dogs in public areas or near livestock. Please be cautious of 1080 Baits, while our block is not baited we can not control wildlife and birds picking up baits from neighbouring stations and dropping them in the property. Muzzles are always a safe option.

WATER: There is a rainwater tank on the southeastern corner of the main shed. Shower block water is desalinated bore water.  Bottled water is available for purchase at kiosk.

SOUVENEIRS & MERCHANDISE: Available for purchase in main shed. Enamel mugs are also available at the bar for purchase with beverages.



·  VEHICLES: Keep your speed below 10 kph around the grounds. Police and committee members will monitor patrons’ behaviour in vehicles, police may be conduction random breath testing. No under aged or unlicensed drivers permitted. To reduce excessive dust, please limit unnecessary vehicle movement.

·  HORSES & BULLS: Parents please keep your children away from the animals to avoid accidents. Not all horses are well mannered or friendly. Only participants/competitors are to be in the bull arena or behind the chutes at any time.

·  HELMETS: All  Junior,  Sub-Junior and Lead-line competitors while competing in gymkhana events must wear helmets. (as per ABCRA ruling) 

·  RODEO ARENA: All patrons must remain behind the first, outside barrier fence at all times, if you are within the barrier you will be asked to move.

·  INSURANCE: All bull riding and gymkhana competitors pay personal insurance with their nomination fees. Event workers are also insured. Public are not permitted or insured within these areas at any time.

·  PLAYGROUND: Parents please supervise your children on the playground equipment at all times to ensure safety to all.

·  SKEET SHOOT: Spectators are to remain behind fenced area at all times. Do not cross the shooting range at any time. Camping within or near skeet shoot range is strictly prohibited and you will be asked to move.