Nullarbor Muster Club

Outback Australia, Rawlinna

Family fun filled weekend "out bush" plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.




After 17 highly successful gymkhanas which were held between 1964 and 1982, and raising a total of $35,329 for the RFDS and $7,030 for the Isolated Childrens Hostel, the Kanandah Gymkhana Club members decided that the club would go into recess at its AGM and that a Nullarbor community day would replace this event.

Eighteen people attended the first meeting of this new group which was held at the Rawlinna Props woolshed on the 19th September 1982. A vote was taken at this meeting to change the club's name and so 'The Nullarbor Muster' tradition began in earnest.

The Muster has been run every year since, supported by a crew of dedicated volunteers who call this outback part of Australia their home.The Nullarbor Muster was formed in 1983 to promote sporting and social activities on the Nullarbor and give support to organisations which provide a service to people living in isolation.



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