Nullarbor Muster Club

Outback Australia, Rawlinna

Family fun filled weekend "out bush" plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.



1983 - Our First Year and our first Nullarbor Muster

After the initial approach to the railways The Nullarbor Muster Club received verbal approval for the use of land south of the townsite at Rawlinna. Members organised a busy bee to erect a running rail and prepare the grounds for the FIRST Nullarbor Muster which was scheduled for Saturday 21st May 1983.

So the organising began; Insurance needed to be secured, this was offered at the time at $250 for riders and $60 for Public Liability. What amounts of food and drink need to be ordered? Kanandah Gymkhana Club sold 150 cartons of beer at their last Gymkhana, will we order the same amount? A program had to be drawn up. Kalgoorlie Pistol Club asked if they could hold a shoot at the Muster. Donations of $550 had been promised. If costs were covered who then would be beneficiaries? It was agreed than that the Nullarbor Communities were to be first and that various charities would be considered at a later date.  

Drink sold at our first Muster; 72 Cartons of Emu cans, 9 Cartons of Gold 25 Cartons of soft drink plus wine and spirits, Freight for the cartons of Emu cost the club $14.47 in total

Meal prices were $12.50 for a single for the weekend of $25 for the family for the weekend. Meals were supplied consisted of 2 breakfasts (bbq's or stew) Lunch (bbq or cold meat and salad) Dinner (bbq and salad) 

8 woman supplied 2 rice salads, 2 potaote salads and 4 coleslaws; 5 women brought large pots of stew each. Kanandah, Seemore and Gunnadorah supplied steers, Rawlinna Props, Kybo, Moonera, Balgair and Arubiddy each supplied 2 sheep. All the women suppled 2 pieces of cooked cold meat plus cakes or biscuits for morning, afternoon tea and the dance. Assorted homemade lollies were also available at the food stands.  Steaks and chops from 2 steers and 10 sheep were used, only 4 pieces of cooked meat and 3/4s of the salads were consumed. 

11th June 1983  -Nullarbor Muster Club's First AGM Meeting 

28 people attended with 15 apologies, The first Muster was a success, in the opening comments the President made the following statement;

"The Muster was a success and it will surely be the forerunner of bigger and better days, there were some teething problems but we got off the ground and the day was successful but it will of course need the continuing support and participation of members to keep it going so that the club can provide a level of entertainment and social relaxation for people who live in the community. It was particularly pleaseing to see so many junior riders on the day, their keenness and their style augers well for future Musters"

Following the AGM the committee discussed aims and objectives and came up with the following;

  •  To have an annual gymkhana 
  • To have security for the equipment that the club may accumulate 
  • need of an ablution block 
  • To secure a permanent ground 
  • To co0ordinate with the Rawlinna Development Committee
  • To become an incorporated body with a constitution 
  • To have a number of other functions during the year


Ross and Jo Wood hosted a New Years Eve party at Mooner which was a terrific success. A committee meeting was held on New Years Day with ample cups of tea and coffee needed to soothe the aching heads of the 25 attendance. One concern that came up that the acting Area Manager for Australian National Railways at Parkeston has objected to the use of the present gymkhana grounds because of problems with vehicles trespassing on the airstrip. Dr Don Williams had since given verbal approval to use the grounds and a letter from him was to follow. Austrian National will once again provide rail coaches. 


1984 - Our Second Nullarbor Muster

Our second AGM was held at Rawlinna on the 14th July, 1984 the President opened with this

"I can happily report a fact that bears no contradiction and that is despite the horrendous access road from Rawlinna to the grounds, despite a unkind wind with much dust mixed with it, despite a band which didn't arrive and to end the day, oceans of mud, despite all these thins this years Nullarbor Muster was a success" 

The Nullarbor Muster Club have successfully initiated an annual event which carries on the tremendous example set by Eric and Ruth Swann when they first introduced the annual gymkhana concept back in the early 1960's. 1984 had seen us receive the go ahead to constitute our ground on the existing site so a constitution which outlines our aims and activities has been drawn up and also a considerable increase in our membership has occurred during this year.  

Late 1984 a meeting was held and it was reported by Murray McQuie that four furlong races could be run if the race was run clockwise. A lot of discussion followed with suggestions the the Flutter become a children's race and that a longer race be the Calcutta and could be run in jockey pads or stock saddles. A discussion was held about food as this had always been a issues among members. It was suggested BBQ packs be sold to let people cook their own meals and the club would provide some salads, some members believed it was the "bush spirit" to provide meals and that the people competing throughout the day would not stop long enough to cook themselves a meal; nothing was decided. 

1985 - Things are looking good for our 3rd year. 

Big things were starting to happen for the Muster Club. Dr Williams, the General Manager of Australian National, suggester the club submit a submission form within 6 months for the gymkhaana grounds. The land south of the airstrip was to be brought or leased. 

Peter Hogg put down the drainage hole to cave level of about 20 feet for drainage for the new ablution blocks which were proposed to be installed. A 1.5 Km fence was to be built around the gymkhana grounds, it was to be built to DCA standards with white sighter wire at the top with two plain wires below. 

Eric Swann made a motion to close off the Kanandah Gymkhana Club and the matter of the $2,000.00 be resolved by return of the money to the Kanandah Gymkhana Committee. After discussions with other members of The Nullarbor Muster Club it was agreed no obligation stood to repay the money as it was originally set aside to promote horse sports and a day of get together. A donation as made to the R.F.D.S Aircraft fund and it was hoped the Club would continue to support them in the future. 

Funds for charity were discussed and it was felt we needed to supply amenities on our grounds first. As the constitution written for The Nullaror Muster Club stated we are to give support to organisations which provide a service to people living in isolation, though for the time being the Club would like to get a large shed and new ablution blocks before the next Muster and before more funds were allocated to donations.