Nullarbor Muster Club

Outback Australia, Rawlinna

Family fun filled weekend "out bush" plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

END OF AN ERA 1964 to 1982


After 17 successfuk gymkhanas which were held over 19 years from 1964 to 1982 (which also raised a grand sum of $35,329 for the RFDS and $7,030 for the Isolated Children's Hostel) The Kanandah Gymkhana Club members decided that the club would go into recess at its AGM and that the Nullarbor Community Day would be set up. 


The meeting held on the 18th July 1982 before the distribution of funds were decided a motion was moved and accepted; $2,000 would be set aside from funds in hand for the purpose of setting up a "Nullarbor Community Day"


Peter Brown chaired the steering committee meeting which followed and the following points were discussed; 

  • Where the proposed function is to be held? The decision was made to hold it at Rawlinna Townsite as a horse sports meeting on a annual basis. 
  • Participants and interested people were to bring own swags and tucker boxes, basically self contained. 
  • Suggestions that catering be let out to organized caterers 
  • Rawlinna towns people be involved but not in executive positions
  • BBQ meals to be provided 
  • Rawlinna Props. Holding paddock be available for competing horses 
  • A raffle b organised and drawn on the day. 
  • Name the Nullarbor Community Day; Nullarbor Sporting Club 

Rod Campbell was elected President, Murray McQuie Vice President, Julie Hogg Secretary, Susan Swann Assistant Secretary and Peter Brown as Treasurer 

Memberships were set at $2 per person 

Nullarbor Sporting Club - First Meeting 


18 people in total attended the first meeting which was held at Rawlinna Props top woolshed on the 19th September 1982. At the time the club had a total of 28 members. A vote was held at this meeting to change the name of the club once more to "The Nullarbor Muster". Members discussed holding an annual horse sports day during the May school holidays as the weather was more favourable around that time of the year. It was discussed that the club should approach the railways to ascertain the availability of any railway reserve land around Rawlinna, the area and position available and also the amount of co-operation we could expect.