Nullarbor Muster Club

Outback Australia, Rawlinna

Family fun filled weekend "out bush" plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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Proposed Events 2017

Proposed Program of Events 2017


Friday 21st April 2017

Commence at 5pm

Bull Ride (5pm proposed start time)

·      Novice Bull Ride                                                                                         

·      Open Bull Ride – Winner gets automatic entry to Short Go Round Saturday night.

·      First Starter Bull Ride – Entry at office on the day


Bull Ride Details;

·      Central Entries 12th & 13th April 9am-5pm AEST – 1800 028 992

·      Entry Fee;

o   Opens $60, $50 Add Back

o   Novice $35, $30 Add Back

o   First Starter $20 – Entry at office on the day, NOT through central entries 


Iron Man & Iron Woman Competition

Under 18’s Novelty Events     

“High and Dry” Nullarbor Boat Race

Entertainment by Adam Thompson & Band til late in the Shed


Saturday 22nd April 2017

Gymkhana nominations, 7.00am at announcers box near main shed. Nomination forms and insurance forms can be found on website home page OR at the office from Friday to be prepared for Saturday

Skeet Shoot: Commence at 9am                                                                               

Silent Auction: Running all day

Open Barrel Race Trials: Commence at 8am fastest 8 times through to final, Senior Riders ONLY

Gymkhana Events: Commence at 8.30 am

            1 senior rider per horse. Riders can share horse with a junior or sub-junior rider

·      Parade                       Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior

o   Best turned out horse & rider                   

·      Flag Race;                Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior                                                     

·      Mug Race;                Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior                                                              

·      Bending Race;         Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior                      

·      Barrel Race;             Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior                     

·      Stock Horse Trial;    Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior             

·      Walk, Trot, Lead;      Lead-Line, Sub-Junior, Junior                                                  

·      Sack Race;               Lead-Line, Sub Junior, Junior

·      Walk, Trot, Gallop;   Senior                                                                                                      

·      Tilt The Ring;             Senior                                                                                   

·      Boots and Saddle;    Senior                                                                                   

·      RFDS Flutter;            Senior  - Competitors must compete in a minimum of 5 event.

·      Trotting Race;           Senior                                                                                               

**The following events will be held during the Gymkhana lunch break**

Children’s Novelty Races

Arm Wrestling Championship                                                                         

Nullarbor Dash 150m - Open Foot Race                                                                    

The following events will commence at 3.30pm

Finals of Barrel Race: Fastest 8 times from morning trials.                                     

Bull Ride

·      First Starter Bull Ride

·      Novice Bull Ride

·      Open Bareback                                                                                           

·      Open Bull Ride Round 1

·      Open Saddle Bronc                                                                                   

·      Open Bull Ride Round 2                                                                           

·      Short Round Bull Ride Final – Top 6 Open Riders                                                                  

Presentation – In Arena between last round of Bull Ride and Short Go Round.

Other Trophies awarded

                Sub – Junior Champion Rider

                Junior Champion Rider

                Senior Champion Rider

                Sub – Junior Encouragement Award

                Junior Sportsmanship Award

                Senior Sportsmanship Award


Silent Auction; Final bids Announced

Raffles drawn (if any)

·      Please proceed to office/merchandise area to finalise payments and collect your items

Entertainment by Adam Thompson & Band til late in the Shed


Sunday 23rd April 2016

Commence at 9am

Ute Competition

·      Best Work Ute

·      Best Shooters Ute

·      Most Feral Ute

·      Best Turned Out Ute

Novelty events for Children and Adults

Truck pull (teams)


Sunday Jam in the Shed


*********Please note there may be some alterations to this program**********

Earlier Event: April 21
2017 Menu-Transliner Diner